During the 2018 Utah legislative session, Summit County saw its share of bills it didn't like. One bill opposed by the county passed. Rick Brough has more:  

The 2018 election cycle may bring some challenges for the state of Utah, the state legislature responded by adopting some important changes to voting. Rick Brough has more:

Summit County

The Director of External Relations with the Utah Association of Counties, Lincoln Shurtz, has some suggestions for Summit County. Rick Brough has more:

A Basin resident has been sentenced to up to five years in the Utah State Prison, after making threats last year against two Summit County Sheriff's officers. Rick Brough has more:

Sheriff's Department Works With Local Schools

15 hours ago

Summit County Sheriff's Department is focusing on protecting local schools. David Boyle has this:

The Park City Planning Commission approves development projects inside the city limits operating off of a 700 page Land Management document.  Elected officials have been asked by Park City constituents to rewrite planning code to make the process more Customer friendly.   Planning staff are working to simplify and streamline the code. Carolyn Murray has this:

The Park City Planning Commission meets Wednesday evening. They have an agenda consisting of technical discussions, a few continuances, Land Management and Plat Amendments. Carolyn Murray has this:

Sustainability consultant Bill Wilson joins Chris and Nell to talk about how he assists local businesses  and municipalities in creating and managing plans which not only reduce energy, water, and resource consumption, but educate workers on the value of running a more environmentally minded business.

This Green Earth - April 24, 2018 Bugs

18 hours ago

In Bugs, film director Andreas Johnson Follows them as they forage, farm, cook and taste insects with communities in Europe, Australia, Mexico, Kenya, Japan and beyond.  The film Bugs is flying into the Santy Auditorium Thursday, April 2th. Executive Director of the film series, Katy Wang, Joins Chris and Nell on the program. 

Local News Hour - April 24, 2018

19 hours ago

      Summit County Sheriffs Department, Andrew Wright and Justin Hemingway talk about a community workshop called Front Line and Blue Line  which is scheduled for May 14th at Ecker Hill Middle School.  Park City Planning Director Bruce Erikson has a preview of the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday.  Utah Open Lands Executive Director, Wendy Fisher and National Weather Service Senior Hydrologist, Brian McInerney talk to KPCW about the Brock Evans Earth Day Conservation award given to McInerney for his lifetime of work educating people on the effects of climate change.